The most effective form of Influencer marketing. We connect apps and brands with influencers for tasteful, genuine ads using social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, Twitter, Vine and YouTube.


Have an awesome app? We have an influencer for that.

Promote your app to millions of followers by allowing us to put you in touch with relevant influencers. These influencers will help spread the word to your target audience in the viral way that only they can. Let us help you tap into your greatest marketing resource, instant influence.

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Expose Your Brand With Instafluence

Influencers get your message out faster and wider to targeted consumers that have a genuine interest in your brand. In fact, consumers are 50x more likely to purchase when relevant brand content is shared by trusted influencers. With a reach of more than 50 million followers, Instafluence can ensure instant influence.

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Earn Income From Brands You Love

Have a social media following? Have a passion for pinning, posting and tweeting specific material? It’s time to market on your instant influence! Earn some extra income by placing tasteful ads for apps and brands you already love.

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